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The Secret Behind Construction Management Software ProTenders' Success and Their USD 30B+ Processed Bids

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How we at Railwaymen deserved our spot among the top construction technology companies?


Our whole team is based in Cracow, Poland

If you are looking for a safe place, to outsource your software development, Poland is an excellent choice! We have a high educational level (we speak perfect English), we're inside of the European Union and our costs of living are lower than in the western countries. Which leads to receiving an excellent software for a reasonable prize!


We hire only the best people on the market

We're hiring over 50 talented people: Front-end, Back-end & Mobile Developers, UX/UI Designers, Project Managers, Quality Assurance Specialists, and Marketers. Interesting fact - more than half of our Ruby on Rails developers are seniors. Our turnover rate is really low so you can expect the same people taking care over your project for years!


We ensure business consulting

Our software company supports our clients during their whole app development journey through free Design Thinking Workshops or conducting a Discovery Phase. Our dedicated Project Managers are willing to run even the most demanding project. We will tell you, whether your construction software idea makes sense and how building it, will influence your business revenue.


We have an excellent rating on Clutch.co

Clutch.co is an online platform that gathers ratings and reviews of leading IT and business services companies. Our profile is full of positive feedback from our clients from the USA (the majority of our projects is from that region), United Kingdom, Norway, GCC region and more. We are incredibly proud that the average rating of over 30 clients' reviews is 5.0.

How did the COVID-19 pandemic influence ACE industry?

As the European studies show, on this continent, the construction development went down by around 30% from February to April but it pretty quickly started to recover in May. Many construction professionals confirm those data, as their construction sites have not been heavily damaged by the lockdown. Construction technologies additionally support contractors, companies, and design experts equipping them with management tools saving time & money even in times of labor shortage. So if you are looking for a safe industry to invest & develop in - construction can be your choice!

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Why it's worth investing in the Construction Sector in 2021?

The construction industry, which can be divided into several subsegments such as civil engineering construction, building construction, and specialized construction, is one of the most thriving industries in the world. In light of its relationship to other industries, this sector is vital in that it provides a healthy infrastructure in every sector of every economy. Construction firms are also using more and more software for construction management, which helps them to grow in a steady and predicted way.


What our customers say

“They're not like many teams I’ve worked with, where you tell them to do A and they just do it. They take the time to think about what A means and how to integrate it with the application. They do more than just code, they've become part of the team. They always try and find the best solution for us.”

“Railwaymen is a first class, high-quality operation which charges reasonable rates and does great work. We are extremely happy with the relationship, and plan to stay with Railwaymen through future versions of the software.”

“Through Railwaymen’s attentive involvement from scoping to prototyping, the fully functional IoT solution launched successfully on the App Store. The team’s rapid turnaround time, clear communication, and accurate estimates continue to support an evolving business vision. They're great at not just executing but also contributing out-of-the-box ideas.”

What is Construction Tech?

According to CII, construction technology refers to the collection of innovative tools, machinery, modifications, software, etc. used during the construction phase of a project that enables advancement in field construction methods, including semi-automated and automated construction equipment.

For example, a software solution that:
- helps you to estimate your construction work accurately,
- train your employees better,
- increase your company revenue through better supply chain management,
- find new leads
- and streamline tendering & bidding process.

Best construction companies worldwide already discovered the construction tech advantages to enhance their project management, human workers' productivity, or attract new venture capitalists.

We see at our own clients' examples (top companies in construction), that smartly designed construction tech can help you to get million dollars on funding or even reach INC5000 fastest growing companies in the USA!

Group 1203


The leading all-in-one Construction platform that empowers thousands of developers, consultants, contractors and suppliers around the world to be at the center of Middle East construction projects. They are award-winning and rapidly-growing cloud-based platform with big names like DAMAC onboard and with a successful exit of $3 million Pre-series A funding.


ProEst has helped over 8,000 of the world’s most prominent construction companies streamline and improve their estimating processes. They continue to live up to their reputation for reliable and expert innovations with the ongoing development of ProEst estimating and on-screen takeoff software.They were recognized as The Best Construction Estimating Software of 2020.

Cost Tracker

CostTracker is a cloud-based platform that helps companies save time and money through total control of costs in the organization. The first version of the platform was successfully released at the beginning of September 2018 and is constantly gathering positive feedback from the users.

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