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There are few Software Developers that know anything about ConTech.
We are the exception!

Based on our construction industry expertize, we will build your own web or mobile application within 3 months tops!


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Why it's worth investing in the Construction Sector in 2021?

construction industry

The construction industry, which can be divided into several subsegments such as civil engineering construction, building construction, and specialized construction, is one of the most thriving industries in the world. In light of its relationship to other industries, this sector is vital in that it provides a healthy infrastructure in every sector of every economy. Construction firms are also using more and more software for construction management, which helps them to grow in a steady and predicted way.

According to the research, the construction industry in United States is expected to record a CAGR of 4.9% to reach US$ 1,804.8 billion by 2023.


What is Construction Tech, also known as contech?

According to CII, construction technology refers to the collection of innovative tools, machinery, modifications, software, etc. used during the construction phase of a project that enables advancement in field construction methods, including semi-automated and automated construction equipment.

In plain words, contech solutions are everything software - related that you can use within your construction company to make it more efficient.

For example, a software solution that helps you to estimate your construction work accurately. Train your employees better. Increase your company revenue through better supply chain management. Best construction companies worldwide already discovered the construction tech advantages to enhance their project management, human workers' productivity, or attract new venture capitalists.

Frankly, the beauty of construction tech lies in the idea, that if you can solve some of the challenges that you struggle with at your business using software - you should do it. 

We see at our own clients' examples (top companies in construction), that smartly designed construction tech can help you to get million dollars on funding or even reach INC5000 fastest growing companies in the USA!

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What business goals can you achieve through contech? 

  • Limit the number of mistakes in your business = save money!

  • Raise your construction business sustainability

  • Find and maintain the right employees / contractors

  • Find a solution for challenges, you had no idea technology can solve




5 Benefits you might not consider before!


In our long history of cooperating with construction companies, we see one thing that connects the majority of them. They are highly dependant on using external software like Excel and the whole Microsoft Office package. This solution has both its benefits and its flaws.

On one hand - Excel is a well-known tool with very universal functionalities. Yet, if something is for everyone - it will never be as much adjusted to your company needs as the application, built exclusively with your industry in mind! Think about it: if you want, you can wrap your legs around the blanket and go outside on a chilly evening. But its easier to simply wear trousers ;) That's why finding the right construction software companies is so crucial for your progress!

1. Software solutions save your time (and money!)

Forget about hiring extra people to manage your construction costs, estimates, supply chains, recruitment tasks, etc. If you decide to use dedicated software, it will save you tons of time you would spend on looking for specific data among hundreds of your Excel files!

Construction software also reduces the possibility of making a mistake, which in the construction industry especially can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

2. Contech keeps your documents organized (even archived ones)

Having everything in the right place & the right time is crucial in construction. With the right software, you will no longer have to worry about "losing" some files, as even their archival versions will be saved inside the program forever.

Project management becomes far easier in these circumstances, which means additional money-saving, especially when you are starting a new construction project. You have all of the prior files in order, so there is no need to start from scratch each time even if you hire new contractors!

3. Construction apps enable you to easily update and edit your construction files 

As you perfectly know, the construction process is complex. It's much easier to implement changes in projects, documents, and all of the important files when you have the right software for that.

For example, you can use the functionality, where if something changes in one file it automatically changes in 200 others as well. What a great way to save time & money! It's possible thanks to the artificial intelligence usage - which we've implemented in one of our apps ProEst.

4. Construction technology makes your company remote work well - organized

The COVID-19 Pandemic raised challenges in our companies that we didn't have to face before. Working remotely using Excel files is difficult and doesn't raise productivity. Construction software can fix that, by storing everything in Cloud, which gives you access to your (organized!) files from anywhere you are!

The construction application done by the right software company can also have its own internal chat or/and videoconference features. Thanks to that, you can connect your employees with each other and avoid any miscommunication issues. Also, it is proven, that this kind of app highly improve the quality of work, where several people are involved (as it's very often happening in the construction industry) showing exactly, which part of the projects is the exact person responsibility, and easiness to add comments and many, many more!

Simply: if you need any additional management tools or tech advancements like computer vision algorithms, 3d models, building information modeling, augmented reality, 3d printing or machine learning - we can build that kind of cutting edge solution for you.

5. Contech ensures you a much higher security level

Construction software has got a much higher level of security than using Excels, Gmails, etc. When you are sending something confidential using e-mail, there is always a risk that someone will make a mistake and show some classified data to someone unauthorized.

Besides, using offline Excel files, stored on your employees' hardware is always risky in a situation when your PCs are stolen or breaks. Having everything you need to finish your construction project stored safely in your construction software Cloud is definitely something, that will take off that fear from your back!


Want to verify, whether your application idea makes sense, is possible to build and will find its users in the Construction Industry?





How we at Railwaymen deserved our spot among the top construction technology companies?


Our whole team is based in Cracow, Poland

If you are looking for a safe place, to outsource your software development, Poland is an excellent choice! We have a high educational level (we speak perfect English), we're inside of the European Union and our costs of living are lower than in the western countries. Which leads to receiving an excellent software for a reasonable prize!


We hire only the best people on the market

We're hiring over 50 talented people: Front-end, Back-end & Mobile Developers, UX/UI Designers, Project Managers, Quality Assurance Specialists, and Marketers. Interesting fact - more than half of our Ruby on Rails developers are seniors. Our turnover rate is really low so you can expect the same people taking care over your project for years!


We ensure business consulting

Our software company supports our clients during their whole app development journey through free Design Thinking Workshops or conducting a Discovery Phase. Our dedicated Project Managers are willing to run even the most demanding project. We will tell you, whether your construction software idea makes sense and how building it, will influence your business revenue.


We have an excellent rating on Clutch.co

Clutch.co is an online platform that gathers ratings and reviews of leading IT and business services companies. Our profile is full of positive feedback from our clients from the USA (the majority of our projects is from that region), United Kingdom, Norway, GCC region and more. We are incredibly proud that the average rating of over 30 clients' reviews is 5.0.


What our customers say

“They're not like many teams I’ve worked with, where you tell them to do A and they just do it. They take the time to think about what A means and how to integrate it with the application. They do more than just code, they've become part of the team. They always try and find the best solution for us.”

“Railwaymen is a first class, high-quality operation which charges reasonable rates and does great work. We are extremely happy with the relationship, and plan to stay with Railwaymen through future versions of the software.”

“Our search for the right development team lasted for a month, interviewing over 30 companies. We are confident that our decision to go with Railwaymen was the perfect choice. Not only do you have direct access to the executive team but have a development staff with knowledge and creativity that is unmatched. We highly recommend adding them as your extended development team."


Which one of our projects are the most connected with the construction business?


The leading all-in-one Construction platform that empowers thousands of developers, consultants, contractors and suppliers around the world to be at the center of Middle East construction projects. They are award-winning and rapidly-growing cloud-based platform with big names like DAMAC onboard and with a successful exit of $3 million Pre-series A funding.


Case Study



ProEst has helped over 8,000 of the world’s most prominent construction companies streamline and improve their estimating processes. They continue to live up to their reputation for reliable and expert innovations with the ongoing development of ProEst estimating and on-screen takeoff software.They were recognized as The Best Construction Estimating Software of 2020.


Case Study

Cost Tracker

CostTracker is a cloud-based platform that helps companies save time and money through total control of costs in the organization. The first version of the platform was successfully released at the beginning of September 2018 and is constantly gathering positive feedback from the users.


Case Study


Thinking about developing your own Construction Software? Great, we have a free ebook for you!

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