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Discover Martech experts who create excellent apps for the marketing industry

We are an app development company that builds tools and apps distinguished by Forbes. Martech development is our specialty, and we take care of it from validation app idea through product design, app development, and launching it.


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MArketing app web

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What is Martech?

MarTech is a shortcut for Marketing Technology. This term means the software and tech tools marketers leverage to plan, execute and measure marketing campaigns. At Railwaymen we are carefully observing the marketing technology landscape to equip marketing professionals with the most effective software solutions.

Why do we need a Marketing Technology tools in 2021?


To automate or streamline marketing processes. Marketing Automation software examples: Hubspot, Launchmatic, James Marketing Amplifier.

For collecting and analyzing data, and provide various means of reaching and engaging with your target audience. Software examples: Google Analytics or Hotjar.

To creatively promote your services among customers, you wouldn't have a chance to acquire through the traditional marketing actions. Example: the CreateCoin app.

To organize processes inside teams, track work progress, and improve marketing and sales strategy. Examples of marketing management tools: Trello, Jira, Miro.

Willing to build a martech tool?
We recommend validating whether it has business potential first.


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Our Martech projects

For the last 11 years, we design and build marketing software that ensures a pleasant user experience and meets our clients' business goals.

James Marketing Amplifier

Marketing automation web application for law industry

James Marketing Amplifier is a marketing automation web app dedicated to small law firms from the USA. The purpose is to help them improve their marketing to gain more and better clients. With this martech tool, law firms receive more signups from their website.

This project involved 7 people. We were responsible for the backend, frontend, UX/UI design and Quality Assurance. The project is still ongoing. Implemented features:

  • Branded documents
  • Library
  • Client Lifecycle
  • User & Admin Panel
  • Statistics
MarTech case study - James Marketing Amplifier


An advanced screenshots generating online web tool

LaunchMatic is a martech project that empowers mobile app developers and marketers to generate app screenshots - for iOS & Android, instantly and without a designer. App Screenshots are essential to promote apps, but not everyone can afford a UX Designer who will create them.

During development, our work focused on backend and Quality Assurance. Implemented features:

  • Screenshots Designer
  • Automatic iOS & Android devices screenshots adjusting
  • Captions translator


The blockchain idea platform recognized as one of the best companies in prestigious blockchain rankings in USA, UAE & India and appreciated by Forbes

CreateCoin is a revolutionary platform that allows people to get paid in cryptocurrency for their best business ideas and feedback. The activity on the platform is based on the gamification.

Our team, at the peak point, consisted of 7 martech professionals. We build this tool from scratch and were responsible for backend, frontend, UX/UI design, and QA. Main features:

  • Leaderboard gamify the experience for the most active people
  • Token distribution
  • The discovery page

What our Martech customers say about us?

Our Clutch.co profile is full of positive feedback. We are incredibly proud that the average rating of over 30 clients' reviews is 5.0.

"Creative design and problem-solving have had the biggest impact. But the unwavering support and patience of their team is a close second. Railwaymen is a first class, high-quality operation which charges reasonable rates and does great work. We are extremely happy with the relationship, and plan to stay with Railwaymen through future versions of the software."

"Railwaymen goes above and beyond to provide high-quality results at reasonable rates. The team is hard-working and organized, establishing a smooth workflow. They have highly skilled engineers that are willing to work crazy hours. And they have an hourly rate that doesn't break the bank. They've quite literally built everything from the ground up and there wouldn't be a product without them! "

The Future of Marketing Technology

In 2020 remote work became new normal, and now it is an integral part of the current workflow. Many marketing teams rely on technology more than ever before. They use it for many purposes, from collaborating on campaigns to manage daily tasks. The trend of martech usage is rising. 

According to Statista.com, the worldwide marketing automation technology market will grow from $17.8B in 2020 to $25.1B in 2023. Sirkinresearch.com survey for NewsCred shows that martech spending will rise (60% of marketing leaders predict that they will increase martech spend in 2021), content marketing platforms will be more needed, and marketers will focus on measuring campaign attribution.


This is how your martech app might look

UX/UI design is an essential part of the app development process. Check the concept of the marketing platform prepared by our Designer.

Mockup marketing app web and mobile

How can Martech development boost your business?


"The software has transformed us from being a stodgy old book publisher to an innovative software publisher with a product unlike any other." Jim Pawell, Co-Founder of James Publishing


HubSpot Video
When Jim Pawell came to us, his business was a traditional one. His company has been publishing content for lawyers since 1981. After speaking with several software development agencies, Jim selected us to turn our raw idea into a clickable prototype. As a result, we built a totally new type of martech product for which there are no models in any industry or profession.

During the COVID lockdown, the new software appeared as a lifesaver for James Publishing. Their team was able to work remotely from home. Furthermore, the JMA martech application is generating substantial numbers of new customers each month.

Our Services

We successfully develop mobile & web apps based on Ruby on Rails, Android, and iOS. We already delivered over 120 IT projects for clients worldwide. We're hiring over 50 talented people. Half of our Developers are Seniors.


Web Apps

Web Development


Front-end and back-end developers from our team will use their exceptional programming skills to transform your idea into a fully-functional marketing automation tool. Our quality assurance team will then mercilessly break it, looking for any weak spots that could endanger your project's success.


  • Ruby on Rails
  • React.js
  • NodeJS
  • Vue.js
iOS & Android

Mobile Development


The mobile app market is constantly growing because people want to use their apps anywhere they are. This trend is also thriving in the marketing industry. With our Android and iOS developers, you can create a stunning martech tool that will let you grow your business.


  • iOS
  • Android
  • React Native
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
UX/UI Design

Product Design


A great design is something that may decide whether the user chooses your app or the competitor one. We're not talking here only about how great it looks, but is it intuitive to navigate as well. Our talented UX/UI designers will make sure that your martech software ticks both these boxes!


  • User Experience design
  • Web & mobile design
  • UX Audits
  • Motion Design
Solid Research

Discovery Phase


We cannot make tailor-made software solutions without prior background research & analysis. Our experience allows us to advise about your marketing software solution requirements to fulfill your business needs. That's why we offer free Design Thinking Workshops that will help describe the project's scope.


  • Background research
  • Data analysis
  • Technical research


Social networking software company - Railwaymen
Project: Frindow, social networking app

"Overall, I really liked their management and after viewing their portfolio, they seemed very capable of doing what I wanted. Also, they were very supportive of the project itself, which was important to me. More than just being willing to do it, they understood what I was trying to achieve and were keen on helping me obtain my objectives. I’m very fortunate to have the partnership that I’ve had with them. "

Marcus Hamilton, Founder & CEO, Frindow Ltd.

Project: Shawarmer, food tech app

"Railwaymen team helped us in rebuilding our Mobile applications with strong base. Their professionality made the process very smooth and fast. We did this in very short time even we had a lot of obstacles. Building the base in very professional way and as per the standard with the alignment of the up-to date technology helped us to start another project with them (KIOSK “self-service”) in very short notice and finished it as planned.”

Abdulaziz AlMusaireae, Brand Extension Director, Shawarmer

Project: ProEst, construction software

"Our search for the right development team lasted for a month, interviewing over 30 companies. We are confident that our decision to go with Railwaymen was the perfect choice. Not only do you have direct access to the executive team but have a development staff with knowledge and creativity that is unmatched. We highly recommend adding them as your extended development team."

Jeff Gerardi, President/CEO, ProEst

Project: Rally Charge, IoT technology app

"Through Railwaymen’s attentive involvement from scoping to prototyping, the fully functional IoT solution launched successfully on the App Store. The team’s rapid turnaround time, clear communication, and accurate estimates continue to support an evolving business vision. They're great at not just executing but also contributing out-of-the-box ideas."

Cory Azzalino, CEO, Rally Charge


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