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Discovery Phase

How does idea analysis improve your business?

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What will you get from our webinar?

Discover the secret of Discovery Phase with our speakers: Łukasz Młynek (CEO @ Railwaymen) and Bartosz Mazurek (Senior Project Manager @ Railwaymen). Find out how impactful the Discovery Phase is on the final business vision.

By watching our material you will learn:

  • what are the stages of Discovery Phase,
  • how to validate your business idea,
  • what information you need before starting the project,
  • how to avoid expensive mistakes when creating an app,
  • why (and how) should you define and reach your target audience,
  • what factors should you consider when choosing your technology provider

Everything based on real-life experience. Our insights are based on more than 160 projects for clients in various industries around the world.


  • How do you validate an app idea effectively?

  • How to choose the right technical solutions and providers?


Check out the topics that are covered in the video:

  1. How Discovery Phase will improve your app idea
  2. How to create a solution that meets the needs of your target audience
  3. How Discovery Phase will positively affect your business growth
  4. How you will stand out from the competition
  5. How to save money

After our discussion, we invite all interested guests to ask questions. We want you to have a real impact on the event, so we will answer all your doubts. You are warmly invited to take part in the event.


What is the Discovery Phase?

Clients often have an idea for an app but don't know who the target audience will be. Discovery Phase helps you determine the user group in detail. All based on individual values for each persona. This solution also helps in the search for competitive advantages. It explores the app's business potential, helps create a roadmap and builds relationships with clients.

What impact does the Discovery Phase have on the project of application?

Imagine trying to assemble LEGO sets without a manual? It is impossible! 

Many people find bugs after they have started their applications. They ignore research and follow only their intuition.

Sounds familiar right? Except that getting rid of application bugs can be costly and time-consuming. 

Discovery Phase is a great idea checker. The solution provides detailed research and analysis, which are essential at each stage of the project. It also shows a broader perspective complete with budget, timeline and potential obstacles. With such valuable information you can avoid many mistakes during the app development and save your money.

How will the Discovery Phase lead your project to success?

Thanks to the Discovery Phase, you will receive professional data analysis, such as market potential or competitive information. This knowledge will contribute to a better understanding of the market and your customers' needs. The data obtained will be useful in creating an MVP. Discovery Phase also includes the creation of user scenarios, which help to determine the exact logic and functionality. The solution guarantees the development of mock-ups to visualise the product and collect feedback. After such professional preparation, every project must end with a success.



Łukasz Młynek

CEO & Founder at Railwaymen and Co-founder at POSbistro. Project Manager & Ruby on Rails developer with 15+ years professional experience in Software Web Development using Agile. Specialises in Software Project Management, Agile Software Web Development including SCRUM and XP, Ruby on Rails, mobile apps. Chess enthusiast.


Bartosz Mazurek

Project Manager at Railwaymen since 2019. Responsible for the Discovery Phase area in the company. Product Owner of the James Marketing Amplifier project. His main responsibilities include leading a project through the entire development cycle - starting with an idea, refining it to an MVP, creating the first version, and then supporting and updating the product.

Hosted by Wiktor Bogdanowicz, Head of Marketing at Railwaymen