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In the e-book you will find:

• A guide to Open Banking and API integration

• An analysis of the impact of the new solutions on consumers, banks and the industry as a whole

• Railwaymen's role in developing applications to support financial development

• 5 examples of FinTech companies that have successfully increased their revenues by digitizing their business

• Perspectives on the future of banking and how to open yourself up to the coming changes

Did you know that banking has been undergoing a revolution for some time? The existing banking system needs to be refreshed and opened up to digitalization. Therefore, financial institutions are trying to adjust solutions in such a way that modern technologies provide real support for established standards. Among the developing solutions, it is difficult not to mention the idea of open banking and API integration, which are making their presence felt in emerging financial applications.


To meet the upcoming changes, we proudly present our e-book "The Future of Banking: The Impact of Open Banking and API Integration". It's a substantive publication that accurately illustrates the realities of today's finance sector and at the same time shows its prospects after the application of technological solutions.

Why learn about Open Banking and API integration?

Whether you're a consumer, entrepreneur or banking industry employee, knowledge of Open Banking and API integration is increasingly valuable. Opening up access to banking data and services to others allows for innovative solutions that speed up processes and increase efficiency.

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Security and data privacy

One of the most important topics we cover in our e-book is data security and privacy. As the banking sector opens up to the outside world, there are new challenges in protecting customer data and ensuring transaction security. In the e-book, we discuss best practices related to data security and privacy in the context of Open Banking and API integration.

Why should you trust our knowledge?

Railwaymen is a software house from Cracow with over 14 years of experience. In our team you will find experienced specialists. We are distinguished by commitment, good atmosphere and the desire to develop by achieving ambitious goals. This is the result of the implementation of over 150 web and mobile applications for clients from 5 continents. Our services include Web Development, Mobile Development, Product Design, and Discovery Phase. We have extensive experience in working with projects for many industries. One of them is FinTech, for which we have implemented several complex and functional applications.

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What makes Railwayman's FinTech projects stand out?


We created an order management solution that now handles more than 3,000 budgets


One of our FinTech solutions is now recognized as the world's first blockchain technology idea platform

93% reduced

As a result of another one of our applications, our client was able to bring their invoicing process down from about 14 days to under 24 hours


We have developed a custom property management system that allows the users to generate daily financial audits.


For many years we have had a lot of successful cooperations with customers as far as 5,000 km away from our location

For whom is the e-book intended?

The e-book we have prepared is a real vademecum for every participant in the financial industry. Whether you are involved in accounting, banking, or perhaps responsible for cost management in a company, you are sure to find something suitable for you. Stay up to date with the latest trends and innovations in the banking sector. Don't wait any longer and get an e-book today!


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